Claudiu Mitcu | Romania | 2017 | 54'

Category - Romania, Mature View



Life as seen through the eyes of a large family, gathered to celebrate its patriarch’s anniversary. Ioan Colţea, who now turns 91, lives in a quiet village in the mountains. Surrounded by everyone, but always serene and detached, he is now looking at his kids, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, with kindness, warmth and resignation in his eyes. They get together for an entire week not only to celebrate grandpa, but also to agree on building him a new grave and cross, all under Ioan Colţea’s strict observation. Grandpa is telling stories about marriage, or the women he loved, about communists, solitude and the passing of time. Sometimes, they listen. Other times, their own stories cover the sound of his voice.


Director:Claudiu Mitcu

Producer:Claudiu Mitcu

Production Company:Wearebasca

Editor:Ioachim Stroe

Cinematographer:Andrei Butica

Sound:Stefan Teodorescu