Call Him President

Marie-Emma Paoli | UK | 2017 | 30'

Category - DocSchool, Seeking the Home



On an swampy land along the Danube, somewhere between Croatia or Serbia, Czech libertarian Vít Jedlička is trying to start a new country. His project of creating a fiscal paradise in The Free Republic of Liberland might attract some, yet local authorities are reluctant about letting anyone reach the territory claimed by Jedlička in 2015. And why would anyone want to live in Liberland? What can someone creating a new country promise to its potential inhabitants? Jedlička has some surprising ideas involving, among others, the eradication of all laws regarding taxes, education, marriage and healthcare.


Director:Marie-Emma Paoli

Producer:Emma Paoli

Production Company:

Editor:Emma Paoli

Cinematographer:Emma Paoli

Sound:Emma Paoli