Fitzcarraldo Syndrome

Laura Morales | Switzerland | 2017 | 28'

Category - DocSchool, Againts the Current



A clever depiction of neo-colonialism, Fitzcarraldo Syndrome is an impressive documentary in how subtly and clearly it tackles the issue of cultural appropriation as facilitated by tourism, globalization and the West’s nostalgia for the past. The lush Amazonian jungle and its traditions are transformed into performance pieces for the visitors who long for a reconnection with what they think of as a purer world. If in the beginning it feels like the camera is casually sharing the same space as the natives, meandering through forests and moving along the river, while long camera takes dilate time, the tourists’ presence subtly shifts the mood. Now, the camera becomes a recording tool for their Western experiences. A film that suggests, but never overtly states, Fitzcarraldo Syndrome is a powerful and clever observation of how our way of experiencing the world made culture turn into something not to be lived, but appropriated.


Director:Laura Morales

Producer:Florian Burion, Jean Perret

Production Company:Geneva School of Art and Design

Editor:Arthur Uberti

Cinematographer:Laura Morales

Sound:Yoanne Rey