Ink of Yam

Tom Fröhlich | Germany | 2017 | 75'

Category - DocSchool, My Origin/Religion and I



A singular tattoo parlour in Jerusalem, two charismatic free spirited tattoo artists and a bunch of stories of Jerusalemites from all walks of life converge beautifully into an intricate cinematic design bound to remain tattooed on our brain. The director carefully avoids a succession of talking heads format by cutting in moments with the artists delivering their own life stories between scenes of customers' confessions. The excellent selection of characters and the great cinematography invites into "an endless flow of stories and a very important part of the real face of my city Jerusalem and the true face of my country Israel", as tattoo artist Poko Haim puts it.


Director:Tom Fröhlich

Producer:Tom Fröhlich

Production Company:University of Darmstadt

Editor:Emil Rosenberger

Cinematographer:Christoph Bockisch

Sound:René Kramer