Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

Gustavo Salmerón | Spain | 2017 | 91'

Category - Mamma Mia - Motherhood Today



This is a story about Julita, a matriarch whose three childhood wishes have been granted: lots of kids, a monkey, and a Spanish castle. When she is 81-years-old, one of her children needs to find the vertebra of his murdered great-grandmother, lost among the exorbitant amount of weird objects she has hoarded throughout her life. While we explore a very picturesque family history, this unique old lady is about to find the meaning of life. A film chronicle with elements of absurd humor that serves as a madcap allegory for the contemporary situation in Spain.


Director:Gustavo Salmerón

Producer:Gustavo Salmerón

Production Company:Gustavo Salmerón PC

Editor:Raúl de Torres, Dani Urdiales

Cinematographer:Gustavo Salmerón

Sound:Pelayo Gutiérrez, Alberto Ovejero