My father, Imre

Andreea Știliuc | Romania | 2018 | 38'

Category - DocSchool, My Origin/Religion and I



An enthralling journey through almost eight decades reveals a woman's stubborn determination to reveal to the world the life story and the spectacular artistic legacy of her father, Imre Kinszki, a forgotten master of Hungarian photography, killed in a Nazi concentration camp. My Father, Imre offers first-hand information about the great artist's creative life, as well as about the city of Budapest during the bleak times of the war. A powerful character, Judit Kinszki opens up to the camera in all honesty, talks about horrible things that happened to her family and still has the power to forgive. There are highly emotional moments, skillfully negociated by the filmmaker. And finally, there is an abundance of images of Imre Kinszki's pictures, which are absolutely exquisite.


Director:Andreea Știliuc

Producer:Andreea Știliuc

Production Company:Studio CineMedia (Babeş-Balyai University)

Editor:Andreea Știliuc

Cinematographer:Relu Tabara, Andreea Stiliuc

Sound:Andreea Știliuc