Our Street

Marcin Latallo | France | 2006 | 52'

Category - On the Road to Europe



Our Street follows the story of an average working-class family in the Polish city Lodz. For generations they had lived on the same street and worked in the factory across the road. Once, the city was dubbed "the promised land" and "the textile capital of Europe". After the downfall of communism, the factory was closed, the members of the family lost their jobs, and the whole world as they knew it collapsed. When a French investment group started a restoration project of the derelict factory with the aim to convert it into the largest commercial mall in Central Europe, the Furmanczyks could rightly say that they were literally witnessing the change of Europe right from the windows of their home. Marcin Latallo followed their story for three years. Within this time span, Poland joined the European Union and ordinary people like the Furmanczyks had to struggle for their place in a changing world. "For a lovingly made, long term project full of memorable characters and suggestive situations. Marcin Latallo brilliantly weaves a history of a family together with the history of their city. Our Street focuses on the ups and downs of everyday life portraying a working class dynasty sucked under the historical tide." (Astra jury motivation for giving Our Street the Best European Film Award at the 2007 edition)


Director:Marcin Latallo

Producer:Marcin Latallo, Blanche Guichou

Production Company:Camera Obscura, Agat Films & Cie

Editor:Ursula Lesiak, Jaromir Dziewic, Marcin Latallo

Cinematographer:Marcin Latallo

Sound:Alexandre Dayet