The End

Vid Hajnšek | Slovenia | 2017 | 74'

Category - DocSchool, Rites of Passage



The director’s grandmother, still mourning the loss of her late husband, a professional eulogist, who has been attending funerals since she was a child, and a man working at a crematorium contemplate the complexities of death, in this engaging film about life and remembering but also bereavement and passing. The film weaves a story that moves from the pragmatic of funeral organization to the wisdom of experience and remembrance of times past, in a study that becomes a personal outlook on life and death. The filmmaker uses three different styles associated with each of the three characters under focus, in a mix of participative and observational documentary.


Director:Vid Hajnšek

Producer:Nina Robnik

Production Company:University of Ljubljana

Editor:Andrej Nagode

Cinematographer:Vid Hajnšek

Sound:Samo Jurca