The Ship of Gold

Siham Hinawi | Belgium, Canada | 2017 | 25'

Category - DocSchool, Challenged Fates



Set in Canada, where many churches have been repurposed into clubs, apartment buildings or multimedia spaces, a vicar is relieved of his duties due to accusations of poor management. In this context of diminished relevance of church life, The Ship of Gold paints the portrait of a man as reflected by his influence on the community. Through observation and interviews with the vicar, his colleagues and parish, the documentary skilfully grants the audience the autonomy of asking their own questions. Partisan to no one, it’s careful not to grant easy verdicts, an ambiguity which dismantles rigid ideas of good and evil and stresses the many nuances of morality.


Director:Siham Hinawi

Producer:Siham Hinawi

Production Company:National Institute for the Arts (INSAS)

Editor:Oscar Dupagne

Cinematographer:Siham Hinawi

Sound:Thomas Noël