Iris Zaki | Israel, UK | 2018 | 70'

Category - International, Surviving My Homeland



Tekoa is a Jewish settlement on the West Bank. None of the residents want to speak to the media. From the moment director Iris Zaki arrives from Tel Aviv, tension fills the air. She sets up a pop-up film studio in the middle of Tekoa and stays put for a month in order to meet locals. A social experiment that highlights the contrasts and contradictions of the settlers’ self-perception, but does so through conducting a rare and active conversation with them. And the conversations that come from this quirky set up are fascinating, disturbing, layered. All this is wrapped with most common Jewish tool to confront dire times: a good sense of humor.


Director:Iris Zaki

Producer:Iris Zaki, Osnat Saraga

Production Company:Nutz Productions

Editor:Oren Yaniv

Cinematographer:Or Azulay, Iris Zaki

Sound:Nin Hazan