Wedding of the Year

József Bán | Romania | 2017 | 60'

Category - Romania, Rites of Passage



Most of the year, the Oaş county is deserted of its people. The county becomes full of life only in August, when the locals who live and work abroad come back home for a few weeks. They set in the big villas they have been showy mansions for their families, they meet neighbours and celebrate. During these weeks, in every village several weddings are organized daily. The entire region becomes a gigantic wedding celebration. As we follow what happens, the locals remember their experiences from the 1990s, when they decided to leave Romania for a better life abroad.


Director:József Bán

Producer:József Bán

Production Company:Universitatea Sapientia

Editor:József Bán

Cinematographer:Róbert Székely, József Bán

Sound:Iszlai József