A Young Mind

Dan Dimacescu | 2018 | 53'

Category - Challenged Fates



Burning curiosity, a drive to always broaden his horizons, a way with people and an ever present smile. These few words perfectly describe documentary filmmaker Nicholas Dimancescu. Born in a family with a love of knowledge and traveling and the privilege to do so, from a very young age Nick proves talented and spirited, possessing a sharp mind. Personal family archive footage and present-day interviews with those who impacted his life are mixed together to trace his development from a wonder kid to a promising artist. A Young Mind manages to summarize a lifetime in little less than an hour and does it beautifully so. Witnessing the moments that shaped his world view and hearing the people who shaped him speak about him, we get not just a sense of who Nick was, but a wonderfully intimate connection to his ever curious spirit.


Director:Dan Dimancescu

Producer:Dan Dimancescu

Production Company:Kogainon Films, Studio 901 Productions

Editor:Dan Dimancescu

Cinematographer:Nora Agapi

Sound:Jagger Perusse, Andy Boanţa