Thinking like a Mountain

Alexander Hick | Germany, Colombia | 2018 | 93'

Category - International, Surviving My Homeland



The Arhuacos are the guardians of the forest and the ice of Colombia's highest mountain - the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. They draw from this unique environment a sustained and singular spirituality. For the first time in their history the Arhuacos invited a filmmaker, Alexander Hick, to visit the most remote communities and sacred sites in the heartland of their territory. Thinking Like a Mountain tells the story of resistance and preservation of nature, which is a voyage through space and time: from the shores of the Caribbean to the stars that light up the night on the glacier; from the Arhuacos encounter with the first colonising whites, to the homecoming of an Arhuaco guerrillero following the laying-down of arms by the FARC, the country's largest guerrilla force.


Director:Alexander Hick

Producer:Anna Lozano

Production Company:Flipping the Coin

Editor:Julian Sarmiento

Cinematographer:Immanuel Hick