Because of Salt

Nicolas Cardozo Basteiro | Spain | 2018 | 23'

Category - Shorts, The Butterfly Effect



Josefa, Pepe, Carmen, Carmela, Manuel, Ángeles, Juan, Loli, Susana and Pepita. A collective portrait of an involuntary community, created because of business needs. A group of people who where joined by salt, forged by time and held by nostalgia. Director Cardozo Basteiro observes with warmth and humor the daily lives of these elderly residents, whose existence seems to mirror that of the salt mine which is their permanent host. The landscape, captured in square frames with its barren geography, is at once a background and a character which is witness to the interactions between the retirees.


Director:Nicolas Cardozo Basteiro

Producer:Ian Garrido, Cardozo Basteiro

Production Company:Boria

Editor:Mireia Sánchez

Cinematographer:Michal Babinec

Sound:Clara Alonso, Raúl Lloriz