If Only There Were Peace

Carmine Grimaldi, Deniz Tortum | Turkey | 2017 | 30'

Category - Shorts, My Origin/Religion and I



Under the guise of a hilarious behind the scenes shot on the set of an amateurishly made melodrama about the Kurdish-Turkish conflict, we are prompted to look in all seriousness at instances when people are persecuted for no other reason than their origin. An exercise in diegetic meta-textuality, the directors choose significant scenes from the amateurish production and uses them in their own film, adding meaningful bits to the context. As a result, they achieve a multi-layered structure which enables them to go into some of the hottest issues of the present day. We live times when one's origin can put one on the run, either within one's own country (the case of Kurdish partisans) or to a foreign one (Syrian refugees).


Director:Carmine Grimaldi, Deniz Tortum

Producer:Laura Dean

Production Company:

Editor:Deniz Tortum, Carmine Grimaldi

Cinematographer:Carmine Grimaldi

Sound:Carmine Grimaldi