Remnants of a Conversation

Jules Leaño | UK | 2017 | 16'

Category - DocSchool, My Origin/Religion and I



Ramallah: a filmmaker and her collaborator review footage and discuss how to put together a documentary about Palestinian culture. However, when the parcel with the footage never arrives, the only images left are those recovered from a hard drive. The remnants of a conversation between two friends are weaved together to explore the nature of editing a narrative, and of making films. The Remnants of a Conversation is an excellent short piece of visual anthropology, with an original approach which enables the filmmaker to convey a remarcable amount of information using just a few shots. It also offers a taste of the creative process of filmmaking, by providing a glimpse into the editing room.


Director:Jules Leaño

Producer:Jules Leaño

Production Company:University of Manchester

Editor:Jules Leaño

Cinematographer:Jules Leaño