The sun will rise

Gessica Généus | Haiti, France | 2017 | 51'

Category - DocSchool, My Origin/Religion and I



A deeply personal journey amongst precepts of the catholic Church, voodoo beliefs and the national lottery in quest of the mysterious causes of the "illness of the soul" touching the inhabitants of Haiti, the paradisiacal "Pearl of the Antilles". The Sun Will Rise is an example of those situations when cinema is used as an exorcism and a healing process. The author shows much courage in revealing very personal things from her family life. It is like confronting the demons in her own family. The structure is well balanced between the historical, social and anthropological investigation of the impact of colonialism on Haitian people, and the analysis of these effects on a small scale, in the director's own family.


Director:Gessica Généus

Producer:Jean-Marie Gigon, Rachèle Magloire, Gessica Généus

Production Company:SaNoSi Productions, Productions Fanal, Ayizan Production

Editor:Adrien Faucheux

Cinematographer:Marco Saint-Juste, Katerine Giguère

Sound:François Waledisch, Rachèle Magloire